Auto market December 2019: VP impacts sales

After four record years, the automobile market recorded 165,918 registrations at the end of 2019, registering a decline of 6.45%.

Despite a vast promotion program started in September and which got worse in December, the depression observed since the end of 2018 is confirmed.
The various promotions launched recently could not catch up with the delay: 21,925 vehicles were sold in December, a drop of 2.76%. By segment, the passenger vehicle (PV) category, which represents almost 90% of the market, had a serious impact on sales. Year-to-date totaling reached 148,189 units, a decrease of 9.13%.
Contrary to this trend, the light commercial vehicle (LCV) segment posted good performance, totaling 17,729 units in this regard, a jump of 24.11%.

In the top-ten in passenger car sales, Dacia, although unrivaled from its leading position, sold 44,228 units, a decrease of 8.17%. She was followed by her sister Renault, who posted 21,673 registrations, also achieving a 6.02% regression. Thanks to these two brands, the Renault group claims 44.48% of market share. Peugeot consolidates its positioning in third place with a total of 10,818 cars sold, a decrease of 4.4%. In near stagnation, Hyundai is in fourth place with 9,937 vehicles sold. The fifth position goes to Volkswagen, which has a sales volume of 9,668 units. The German brand marks a decline of 18.14%. Citroën, the only top-ten brand that achieves constant growth, grew 7% with 7,844 registrations. Fiat is in seventh position with 5,870 units down 31.46%. Toyota is eighth at 4,740 cars sold, a decrease of 7.2%. It is followed by Nissan, which has 4,550 vehicles sold, a drop of 32.52%. Ford is tenth at 3,988 registrations, a decrease of 45.81%.

Despite this downward trend, some brands have achieved notable performances, notably those which have changed distributors, such as Opel which sold 3,874 units, a jump of 98.36% and Kia which sold 1,587 cars. , making a jump of 291.85%.